Checking out the theme parks in other countries is one of the coolest things to do when you’re on vacation overseas. There is no form of escaping the noise-toxic environment of a busy city than visiting a theme park. Theme parks surely offer a great day for adults and children alike; no matter your age, once in a theme or amusement park, you’re in for maximum fun. However, there are parks and there are parks, let’s check out together the best 5 theme parks and amusement parks in the world. 

Everland, South Korea

You can never get over the magnificence of South Korea’s first theme park. It was opened in 1976 as Yongin Farmland before a division of Samsung bought it some years ago and transformed it into the amazing Everland theme park. Everland sprawls across approximately 3,700 acres and consists of three breathtaking theme parks: The Festival World (with over 40 theme attractions as well as a zoo), Caribbean Bay (A huge water park) and the Speedway.

 Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World is one of the most recent additions to the list of Amusement parks in the world. It is home to the Formula Rossa, the fastest roller coaster in the world with an adrenaline-pumping speed of 240km/hour, as well as the G-Force, a fast paced whirl; you can also call it the tower of speed. Ferrari fanatics will surely get charmed with this park as it gives you a run through the history and legendary moments of a Ferrari factory in a lively and interactive theatre experience.

Disney World, Orlando, Florida

You can’t be in Florida and won’t hit up Disney World. The magnificence of Disney is why when most people think of “theme park”, they think of Disney because nobody does it better. You will get all the fun you want at a huge staggering level; from rides, to games, to restaurants, to animals and water parks, to learning centers and spas, and to the numerous amusements it gives to kids and adults alike. If going to Florida because of Disney World is not worth it, then what else will?

Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Now to the largest marine theatre in the world! The Ocean Park is full of beauty as its state-of-the-art marine displays sweep travelers off their feet. The park is both entertaining and educational as it has two amazing sections – The Summit and The Waterfront. The hugeness of this world-class landmark is so enormous that you will take a shuttle bus or the cable car to go from one part to another. Go check things out yourself, writing about it will not be enough to describe its splendor.

Cedar Point, Cleveland, USA

Lovers of Roller Coasters! This is definitely for you because the sinking and lurching feeling that you feel in the pit of your stomach is ready to go into another level. Cedar Point has more roller coasters (15) and rides (68) than any other part in the world. One of them is the Wicked Twister, claiming to be the world’s tallest. Another amusement is the 18-acre water park area called Soak City. Take a bounce to here, because there is everything in everything waiting for you

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