The stylish, slim and long-lasting Vivo V21 was introduced to the market on 24th April, 2021. This smartphone has been designed keeping in mind the different requirements of users. It is one of the most modern smartphones available in the market. It has all the features that one needs to carry on with contemporary lifestyle. In this article I am comparing the Vivo V20 as per my requirements and am finding it to be a decent smart phone.

Connectivity wise the handset is equipped with GSM modem with EDGE. The connectivity is quite fast as the VoiFi standard provides users with data speed over EDGE. This helps users to download applications and run the office suite without any delay. The smooth and fast charging facility provided by the Fast Charge technology makes the use of the battery life much longer. The battery life of the vivo v 21 does not fall short of reaching seventy hours of talk time.

Second, the photographic capabilities of the vivo v 21 are commendable. The resolution and color of the display is best when comparing it with the iPhone and HTC Evo Shift. The rear camera is also impressive with the ability to capture clear pictures in low light condition. The front and image sensors of the vivo v 21 are good too in enabling the user to take the best selfies.

The software of the cellphone is commendable with the Google Now and Gmail. The Google Now feature reminds the user about the upcoming appointments with Google search services like Maps, docs etc. and the Gmail mail client enables the user to check his or her email inbox and messages inbox with ease.

The VOOPOLICE VOX HD+ and the vivo v 21 have the similar features in the multimedia department. This is evident from the video section of the cell phone which has the similar frame rate as that of the iPhone and HTC Evo Shift. The video recording quality is also commendable. The Motorolaatto Video Pro can record videos at resolutions up to 1080p at thirty frames per second, but this does not hold good for movies at the very best standards.

The Vivo V21 has a very sensitive camera as evident from the camera app which allows for dimming of the screen for those rare occasions where you need to be able to see your actions clearer. The built quality of the handset is also commendable. It is evident that the manufacturer did not compromise the camera quality in the attempt to make the smartphone affordable for the masses. The rear camera of the Vivo V21 is one of the latest to be launched from the company and it comes equipped with the same kind of flash that the iPhone and HTC Evo Shift come with. The main camera also sports a built in image stabilization system to help ensure that you get clear pictures even when you are moving.

The battery of the Vivo V21 is one of the keys to its success because the smartphone runs on a single core 1G processor. This is evident from the speed in which tasks are performed by the device despite other smartphones which have been upgraded recently. The battery life of the handset is also commendable. In a test that the two smartphones were used against each other, the oneplus nord 2 was able to last for five hours and fifty minutes. This is better than the six hours and thirty minutes that the HTC Evo Shift was able to last. The vivo v 21 was also able to beat the iPhone in terms of endurance.

One of the best parts of the Vivo V21 that people like about the gadget is the high refresh rate. This has made this device very popular especially in China and Hong Kong where the population is always active. The refresh rate of the device is also high even though it is an Android handset. The ability to adjust the frame rate according to the users’ needs has further increased the appeal of the phones.